Throughout the month of October (?), our team has been hosting various Multiplier Seminars, sharing the projects’ journey and outputs with the international academic/scientific community.

Madrid, Spain 
On October 4th, in University of Comillas, our team member, Rafael Jodar Anchía hosted our project’s dissemination conference, sharing some insights on how to foster a rich future for EFT practice, Supervision and Training. 
Porto, Portugal 
On October 28th, the Portuguese Society of Emotion-Focused Therapy (SPTFE) hosted the final seminar of the EmpoweringEFT@EU project in University of Maia, where many partners discussed the projects different outputs and prospects for the future. 
Gelsenkirchen, Germany 
On September 23rd, in University of ???, team partners Lars Auszra and Imke Herrmann presented the project’s goals and outputs to the academic comunity. 
Glasgow (Scotland) 
On October 23rd, the EmpoweringEFT@EU project was presented and discussed with many EFT enthusiasts, where some insights and experiences were shared by the audience.