Kick-off Meeting (part 1)

Lots of happy faces during the EmpoweringEFT@EU first meeting (Kick-off Meeting part 1) today (November, 11th, 2020)!

We are thrilled to begin this project to support and expand the practice, supervision and training of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), with an “all-star” group of EU partners and colleagues: Carla Cunha, Alexandre Sousa and Cláudia Azevedo (ISMAI; Instituto Universitário da Maia, Portugal); Robert Elliott (University of Strathclyde, UK); Ladislav Timulak (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland); Rafael Jódar Anchía (Comillas University Madrid, Spain); Lars Auszra and Imke Herrmann (IEFT, Germany); Eunice Silva and João Salgado (SPTFE; Sociedade de Terapia Focada nas Emoções, Portugal) along with Ueli Kramer (an Associate Partner from Lausanne University, Switzerland).

We were also joined by the following participants: Beatriz Viana (ISMAI); Marina Monteiro (SPTFE); and Marta Albacacete, Ángel López and Ciro Caro (Comillas University, Spain).

Good luck to us all and best wishes for a very productive 24-months Strategic Partnership, co-funded by the programme Erasmus+!